Blessings Wave International (Singapore) LLP

Our Mission

To be the world leader in scalar & herbal energy products distribution by 2023.

Our Vision

To bring about the unique benefits of frequency medicine using scalar and herbal energy to the needy worldwide.

Core Values

EXCELLENCE, INNOVATION, AND RESPONSIBILITY : We believe you can accomplish all of yours goals and make your dreams come true with us. Making every effort to take care of health and wealth to create a more satisfactory life is the core of our corporate culture. This is the philosophy we persistently believe in. Excellence, innovation, and responsibility represent our values and embody the definition of sustainable development.

DREAMS ARE OUR MOST INVALUABLE WEALTH : Blessings Wave is a business of nature, beauty, and healthy LOHAS. We hope that every one of our partners is accumulating wealth while looking beautiful and healthy. For sure, we can live a healthy and nourishing life with independent financial capability and freedom. Blessings Wave not only changes your daily life, but also transforms your whole life. In our business, you control your time and your income. You have the upper hand in making your dreams come true. At Blessings Wave, we do not care about your current achievement, but your wealth and joyfulness in your entire life.

GLOBAL DEPLOYMENT FROM ASIA WITH GLOBAL BUSINESS CONNECTION : In as small as just a few months, we have received great news of our remarkable achievements. We conquered the market like a fire spreading through a prairie that could not be stopped! We are now setting our sights on overseas markets and we are excited to begin this new chapter. Elites from different fields join us in anticipation of opportunities as they look forward to the future. The movement to grab the global market has begun. A Blessings Wave storm is swallowing up the world and nothing can stop it!

To improve the company’s image of internationalization and establish a globalized management system, we established our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore which is responsible for development of the global market in 2019. Our business territory has extended to China, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries.

We have chosen Asia as our first target for global deployment. A Blessings Wave has spread over a global territory and we envisaged a broader perspective for deployment!