Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs to give you a better understanding of our products


How many wristbands can I wear at any given time?

There is no limit to how many different types of wristband you can wear. There are no side effects as your body will only resonate with the signals that you need.

Where should I wear the wristband for optimum effectiveness?

Your body’s meridian points will help maximize the effects of the holographic disc. It is good to wear the band with the hologram over or near to the meridian points.

I've worn the wristband for a day, how come they don't seem to be working?

Do ensure that you are well hydrated when using the wristband. As with many natural remedies and treatments, being dehydrated limits the effects of the wristband.

Also, if you're dealing with a chronic issue that you've been suffering from for a long time, do give your body time to adjust itself.

Everyone's body works in a different way. Some require only a few hours to see effects, some might require as much as two weeks to see substantial improvements.

How long can the wristband last?

So long as the integrity of the holograms is not compromised, and the wristbands are not worn, the holographic discs will continue to work.

The signals are stored in the holographic crystals on the discs. Once the crystals are bent, the information will be incomplete, and the signal will be destroyed.

Once the wristbands are worn, the signal is actively being broadcast to your body and will weaken with daily wear. The speed that the signal will weaken depends on how your body interacts with the signals.

We recommend applying a new wristband after 4 to 6 months or once the effects of the disc seem to have worn off.

What if the adhesives cause skin irritation?

If you find that there is skin irritation, shift the holographic discs to a different meridian point. And try wearing it in a loose manner.

How come I don't feel well after using the wristband?

The way the body reacts to biological signalling is different for everyone. If discomfort continues, simply wear the wristband at shorter intervals until your body adapts to it.

Will I experience some form of healing crisis when I start wearing the discs?

Yes, but not everybody. If your body has previous body conditions not fully remedied or old injuries, likely you may have some form of healing crisis over those areas, eg. dizziness, headache, stomach-ache, joint pain, etc. If the crisis is unbearable, you can wear the wristband at shorter intervals until your body has adapted.

Can I wear the Relax wristband during the day?

Yes. The Relax wristband besides giving you a good quality sleep, basically relax down your emotions.

Can I wear the Super wristband when I sleep?

It is not advisable because of the higher energy level.

What's inside the holographic discs?

The biological signals of natural substances, such as herbs and plants, are stored in the holographic discs through scalar wave technology. Each disc contains different signals depending on the purpose of the discs.

Will I be allergic to what's in the holographic disc?

No. Allergic reactions occur when the immune system overreacts to allergens. Because biological signalling encourages your body to make the necessary adjustments that your body needs, your body would not over-adjust and cause an allergic reaction.

What causes the holographic discs to work/activate?

The discs are activated by body heat versus the ambient temperature. The signals in the discs are triggered by the thermal conductivity and will start sending signals to the body once this occurs.

Whether you are in a warm or cold climate, your body temperature will always be warmer than the surrounding temperature so the discs will work regardless of climate.

What will happen if I wear the wrong wristband?

There are no side effects to wearing the wrong wristband. At most, you will not experience the effect that you desire.

For example, if you are wearing Power Wrist when you go to bed, you will not find it harder to sleep. The signals do not force your body to act in an unnatural way, and if your body is preparing to wind down for the night, you will still continue to relax and sleep. The positive effects of Power continue to occur, but your body will moderate its activities to suit your sleep patterns.

Is it possible to wear the wristband for too long?

No. Our goal is to help your body align itself to its own unique optimum frequency. Constantly wearing the wristband will simply encourage your body to perform at its optimum level at its own pace continuously. Because your body is doing what is best for you, there is no danger of your body overexerting itself or working in an unnatural manner.

Does the company provide any warranty on the wristband?

A one-to-one replacement is accepted if the wristband is found to have the following defects when removed from the box:

  • Holographic disc is damaged, peeled off partially or completely
  • Band is cut or damaged
  • Pin slot is torn
  • Pin is missing (Pin replacement only)

Swapping of wristband is allowed as long as the box has not been opened with no time restriction.


How does 5G Power Filter work?

By placing the Protect Filter over the high frequency antennas of the communication device the transmission is forced through the Protect Filter from the transmission source. Protect Filters are programmed with Scalar Wave technology that is know to reduce inflammation and signal healthy results to the body. The transmission modulation of the Protect Filter works similar to sound modulation of any radio or audio signal from a radio.

Why are these 5G Power Filter different to other ones on the market?

Many products currently on the market are radioactive. There is very little evidence shown for others on the market. Many claim their products will take away electromagnetic fields (EMF). This is impossible as the EMF is what makes your phone work. If you take away EMF your phone would not work.

Does these 5G Power Filter now make my phone safe?

This will not make your phone 100% safe. You should always use your phone on speaker and avoid holding it next to your head. Never have any devices in your bedroom. You need to create a sanctuary overnight for your body to renew itself after a full day of exposure to EMR in the outside world.

Where do I place my protect filter?

Always place it on the aerial. On an iPhone it is generally at the top next to the camera. On a Samsung the bottom. You can find the exact location by searching on Google.