The Power of 8!

Life Path - A person with the number 8 in their chart will work diligently to achieve their goals. They are very ambitious and goal oriented. They have strong organizational skills and broad vision which make them successful in business. Eight represents authority, material wealth, ambition, and caution.

Spiritual - The number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time. In other words, 8 represents complete and unending abundance without any lack.

Symbolism - The number 8 symbolizes the principle of domination, control and achievement represents the executive decision-maker. The 8 person tends to be rather formal, stern and hard-headed. 8 is the number of the natural leader with a good grasp of how to accomplish any goal. More comfortable in the realm of material, tangible facts, the 8 person will be truly exceptional as soon as they develop their spiritual connection and natural intuition. The 8 energy must learn compassion as it is one of their 'life lessons'.

Strength -A person with the number 8 in their chart learn the attributes of resilience, rising above adversity and finding personal success in whatever field or direction their soul chooses in this lifetime. They learn compassion and empathy for their fellow human, and through their own experiences of overcoming obstacles and difficulties are able to tap into a deep well of inner-wisdom and strength. This wisdom and life experience knowledge is to be used to teach, guide and assist others towards better ways of living, doing and being.

Vibration - The 8's vibration has much to give the world as they are a stable, efficient and dependable influence which others need. People with this energy have sound judgement and have a need for their idea of security. The diligent 8 will work tirelessly for a cause they believe in and like to see the results of their energies.

Chinese Culture - Because Eight (Ba in Chinese) has the similar pronunciation with 发 (Fa, meaning wealth or fortune), this number is very welcome among Chinese people. The popularity of 8 was obvious in relation to the Beijing Olympic Games which commenced at exactly eight o’clock eight minutes on the eighth day of the eighth month in 2008. When people choose telephone numbers, mobile numbers, house numbers, car identification numbers and important dates, 8 is usually the first choice.