Our Scalar & Herbal Energy Wristbands

Technology from USA - 8ight Labs

Our wristbands are from our R&D partner, 8ight Labs USA, who is the leader in the field of frequency medicine combining modern technology and biological signalling. 8ight Labs has been the international leader since 2006 in research and development in the field of bioenergetics and infusion technology. Being the creator of biological signaling using wearable technology, and the immense R&D expertise of 8ight Labs in this industry, our wristbands effectiveness will always be ahead of our competitors.

Unique product; no side effects

Our wristbands are a 3rd generation scalar energy product with scalar energy and herbal biological signals embedded into our uniquely designed holographic disc to give optimum health benefits and EMF protection to our body. Unlike supplements, our product is worn; not ingested or injected. Because no drugs or chemicals are involved, you run the risk of ZERO side effects or over-dosage.

Product speaks; for itself

Our product looks simple and attractive, and the effectiveness speaks for itself. It can be worn by all ages from infant to old age. Eight out of ten users have in some way benefited from using them. There are lots of testimonies to back us up in every country.

A business opportunity; minimum start-up capital

Only USD200 is needed to get you started in our business with no performance conditions attached, unlike most networking business. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Our company has one of the most attractive compensation plans to let you do a long-term global business successfully with significant profits!

Our Scalar Wave Technology

Our holographic discs are charged with unique medicine and herbs biological frequency signatures via scalar waves, a form of wave energy discovered by Nikola Tesla, who was a renowned physicist.

Tesla theorized and then proved that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly via scalar waves. In fact, even the great Albert Einstein acknowledged the existence of this energy and referenced to scalar waves in the 1920s. In 2000, German physicist and engineer, Konstantin Meyl became intrigued with Tesla's work and sought to further research on scalar waves. From Professor Meyl's research findings, he discovered that genetic information travels from one biological cell to another through scalar waves.

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Our Body Meridian System

Acupuncture, an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique which taps on our understanding of the human meridian system, is still widely practiced today. The ancient Chinese believed that energy, or Qi, flows through meridian points that can be mapped out all over the body, each serving a different purpose. This is called the meridian system. If this energy flow within the meridian system is disrupted or blocked, the body falls out of balance, which can result in weakening of the immune system. As such, it is important to maintain a continuous energy flow in our meridian system.

Our 2-in-1 Holographic Disc

Our holographic disc is uniquely designed and charged with medical and herbal biological signals formulated by 8ight Labs’ R&D physicians in USA. When a holographic disc is placed over a certain acupoint, unique electric field signatures that are embedded in the data disc are transmitted through scalar waves to help regulate the body's energy flow and protect against EMF radiation. When our body's energy flow is restored, the body naturally realigns itself to improve health and well-being.

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